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Hi, I’m Amber.

I have been dairy free from a young age and have enjoyed baking since I was five. As I got older, I gradually baked by myself and when I reached 8 years old, I was baking completely independently.  I have always wanted to write my own baking blog, and so I decided to share my experience and discovery with you. Recently, I have enjoyed cooking too, so look out for more savoury recipes.


My Story:

It all started when I had just turned four. I hadn’t been feeling well for a while and when my parents decided it wasn’t just a stomach bug I was taken to see a specialist. He thought I had a dairy allergy and advised to not eat the following: milk, butter and yoghurt. I hated milk and butter so I was okay with it.
  Unfortunately, I was really ill that night meaning I had to go to hospital the next day.
I had to have a drip attached to me since I also got dehydrated. In case you didn’t know, a drip is something that is attached to your body and refuels it with water. Also, dehydrated means that you haven’t drank enough water, so remember to drink plenty.

From then on, I have lived a dairy and soya free lifestyle- and even though I might have grown out of the allergy by now, I know that I will continue to be dairy free the rest of my life.

I'm now fifteen and my passion for baking has expanded into an enjoyment of cooking as well. I really want to share my love of food and being dairy-free with everyone, and that's why I started this blog. 

I hope you enjoy Amber’s Dairy Free Delights and make sure to follow me on social media and fill in the subscribe form. Posts will be coming very soon.

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