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I decided to start this blog as although more and more people are becoming dairy free by choice, it’s astonishing how little people know about being dairy free. For example,  things like not knowing what comes under the word dairy. Firstly, eggs are NOT dairy. Most vegans choose to not eat eggs because they come from animals. Eggs are considered protein, not dairy. Dairy is mostly milk, which comes from mammals, whereas eggs come from chickens which are birds.

My aim is to help educate those who are not aware of dairy allergies and make sure they know what they need to. I also want to ensure that all the other dairy free people out there know what to and not eat, provide them with tasty recipes, and that they have always have the same food options as non-dairy free people. The recipes that I have created are nutritious and delicious and are for everyone, even for those who don’t have allergies.

I love to bake, cook, read, travel and explore and try new foods.

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